Customer Reviews


"Favorite Neighborhood Store"

"Annie is a awesome employee and is such a great worker who treat everyone like a good neighbor friend. Andy is also a great pillar who keeps everything in smooth running order. 

Super Foods is my favorite neighborhood store !"  - Leslie D.

"Friendly and Helpful"

"I shop here regularly because it is convenient. Good, basic selection, with some very good imported items...Meat is basic but very fresh and well cut. They employ a full time butcher who does a good job. Staff is friendly and helpful."  - Colin C.

"Very Affordable"

"The food and groceries offer a nice, basic selection. Produce is very affordable, though not the perfect, unblemished items at the average supermarket, but it's still good. Liquor is cheaper, as well. The staff are often quiet, but they've always been friendly to me. This is a nice stop for basics where your dollar will go far.  

- Michael B.

"Ethnic and Rare"

"As a former west sider of Chicago who went to Stanley's religiously for produce and the like this is the north side equivalent but better for chefs and home cooks needing reasonably priced goods on the fly. Super Foods not only has great fruit and veggies -ethnic and rare too- at more than reasonable prices but also a 99cent discount rack for things like limes, lemons, plantains (bananas), potatoes, cactus leaves and more that I personally pull from once a week to use that night or shortly after. As for their regular produce and meats they've lasted me up two two weeks at a time with proper refrigeration and storage..." - Kathie L.

"Definitely Stop In"

I go here when i want to pick up a simple meal, and not have to drive all the way to Jewel. They always have sale items, just to get rid of it. I love buying their meats, and fruits. The prices are always affordable. If you live in the Edgewater neighborhood, you should definitely stop in. This small market is located within 100 meters from Bryn Mawr station, and right next to 7 Eleven. Why go to Jewels, when you can go to Super Foods." - Thomas G.